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Concrete Insight

Troubleshooting & Condition Evaluation Services

We offer the following troubleshooting and condition evaluation services

During Construction

  • Troubleshooting production and construction practices
  • Investigation of conditions and mechanisms contributing to defects to prevent reoccurrence
  • Investigation for the presence of suspected discontinuities (delaminations and porous areas)
  • Validation of position of steel reinforcement and load transfer devices (dowel and tie bars)
  • Development of repair recommendations, and confirmation of the soundness of repairs
  • Validation of mechanical properties, air-void system, and transport properties of concrete
  • Confirmation of concrete proportions and constituting materials for compliance with the approved mixture design
  • Diagnosis of causes of early-age cracking, development and implementation of cracking mitigation protocols

Existing Structures & Pavements

  • Development and confirmation of as-built documentation
  • Condition assessment of concrete, unit masonry, plaster, and stucco
  • Condition assessment of reinforcing and structural steel
  • Evaluation of material conditions impacting functional and structural performance
  • Durability and service life assessment (remaining services life)
  • Observations and evaluations for seismic upgrade
  • Technical support of planned and emergency repair and rehabilitation
  • Condition monitoring

Forensic & Dispute Resolution Support Services

  • Determination of material-related distress mechanisms affecting concrete, steel, and integrated reinforced concrete system
  • Determination of material-related distress mechanisms affecting cementitious-based building materials
  • Determination of distress mechanism initiating conditions  
  • Sampling of concrete and steel for laboratory testing, examination, and analyses
  • Analyses of impacts of design, construction specifications, and practices on distress/cracking
  • Assessment of repair options
  • Dispute resolution and litigation support

We use the Following Techniques

Survey & Documentations

  • Visual assessment of conditions
  • Mapping, photo, and video documentation
  • Instrumented survey
  • As-built drawings
  • Drone survey

NonDestructive Evaluations

  • Ground-penetrating radar (various frequency antenna)
  • Impact echo
  • Ultrasound pulse velocity
  • Shear wave tomography
  • Half-cell potential
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Dye penetrant
  • Magnetic particles
  • Surface hardness (Leeb hardness, Schmidt hammer)
  • Videoscopy
  • Thermography

General Testing, Examination, & Analyses of Samples Extracted from Structures and Pavements

  • Testing concrete for strengths, modulus of elasticity and Poisson ratio
  • Optical microscopy
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Energy-dispersive X-Ray analysis
  • Wet chemistry analyses for water-soluble and acid-soluble chlorides
  • X-Ray fluorescent analysis
  • X-ray diffraction analysis
  • Mechanical testing of steel
  • Physical measurements of loss of cross-section
  • Analyses for chemical composition of steel
  • Analyses for acid and water soluble chlorides

Special Analytical Methods Used for the Assessment of Service Life

  • Rapid-chloride permeability (USA and EN methods)
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Coefficient of chloride diffusion (direct analysis, and formation factor-based estimation)
  • Formation factor
  • Chloride-binding isotherm
  • Expansion of concrete due to residual reactivity of aggregates with alkali

Service Life Modeling

  • Life 365
  • FIP Model Code Bulletin 34 (USACE approved method)