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Quality System Auditing & Listing

Our team provides the following services in dealing with evaluation service agencies:

Application assistance
Criteria and code determination
Criteria development
Dossier / portfolio compilation
Evaluation plans / test protocols
Fast track approval process
Representation at code hearings
Submittal and follow through

Material & Appliance Listing

Having a product evaluated to market and sell in the marketplace is oftentimes essential in the competitive world of building products. A product listing from our team provides the manufacturer documentation of compliance with applicable code bodies and standards, as well as giving peace-of-mind to AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) and the end-user.
We have decades of experience as an evaluator of manufactured housing and modular building products, in addition to a wide range of building products used in all aspects of building construction.

Partial list of products that have been listed by us:

Roofing Underlayment
Metal Straps
Pier Supports
Metal Roofing
Bottom Closure Board
Recycled Axles
Foam Plastic Insulation
Gas Appliances (refrigeration units, ovens, deep fat fryers, griddles, steam tables, coffee urns)
Decorative Gas Log Sets
Electric Appliances (refrigerators)

Consultation for Evaluation Services

New products are constantly being developed. These products, in many cases, do not address the required building codes, such as the International Building Code (IBC), an existing Acceptance Criteria, or Evaluation Criteria. So how does one obtain the necessary approvals required to bring these products to market?

Our team of experts can assist you with the entire approval process, from assisting in developing new Test Protocols, Evaluation Criteria, or Acceptance Criteria, to simply guiding you with the application process. We offer an in-house staff of knowledgeable and experienced engineers who can guide you through the evaluation process providing you with the best service possible. Being an ISO/IEC 17025 and 17020 accredited testing laboratory, and a third-party inspection agency, you can also rely on us to conduct your testing and follow-up audits, should you require these services.

Our typical five-phase program is as follows:
Phase 1: Our team will review your product literature, material properties, past testing, and engineering. We will then review the Building Codes, Evaluation Criteria, Acceptance Criteria(s), and if necessary, determine what requirements need to be satisfied.
Phase 2: Once the scope of work or evaluation plan has been established (at the completion of Phase 1), a cost proposal will be prepared.
Phase 3: The program developed in Phase 2 will be implemented. We will continue the coordination and feedback process with your chosen evaluation agency and your company.
Phase 4: The final package(s) will be submitted for approval. At this point, we will respond to any questions raised by the evaluation service agency, and provide general consulting, as needed to keep the application moving in an expeditious manner.
Phase 5: The plant receives inspection(s) and certification. A follow-up testing and reporting program will be implemented, with continuous monitoring, evaluation, and feedback being provided to the client to ensure that the plant is continually producing complying products.

Evaluation Reports for Construction Products

A Code Evaluation Report is an important tool when responding to code officials, engineers, architects, specifiers, and even consumers who may have questions regarding your product’s compliance. With this report, you can show buyers how your product meets applicable code requirements.
Manufacturers who take advantage of our close working relationship and familiarity with Building Code Agencies benefit from the combined strengths of both organizations. This combination offers the following advantages:

Universal Recognition of Building Code Agency – Offers easy acceptance of products by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
Wide-Ranging Market Exposure for Construction Products – Offers a network of customers, code officials, architects, specifiers, media channels, and corporate partnerships.

Collaborative Efficiencies – Offers project startup conversations with the Code Body (Such as ICC-ES and IAPMO) to determine the scope and the testing requirements and work together toward faster report completion and delivery.

You have access to our expertise in the following areas:

Accelerated Weathering
Code Compliance Consulting
Fire Testing
Hurricane Impact Testing
Natural Weathering
Physical Property Testing (WVT, Tension, Compression, Flexural, Peel Adhesion, etc.)
Pressure & Temperature Cycling
Quality Assurance
Structural Testing
Wind Driven Rain Testing
Wind Resistance Testing
Wind Uplift Testing

Products we test include:

Air, Water, & Vapor Barriers
Floor/Deck Systems
Flooring Materials
Manufactured Wood
Plastic Lumber
Roofing Accessories
Roofing Materials
Wall Coverings
Wall Systems

Quality Programs for Industry & Associations

By adding a certification or quality assurance program (QAP) to the services offered by your organization, you can elevate the level of service you provide to your memberships and bring recognition to your members.

As part of this program, Twining becomes an active partner in your organization. This program will give you the confidence to ensure specifiers and customers that products bearing QAP certification labels have been verified to meet program requirements on an ongoing basis through independent inspection and testing.

Our team uses federal and state regulations and client contractual obligations as a starting point. We align our criteria with accreditation standards and review best practices in your industry and determine how you can strive to achieve them. These will become the basis of your organization’s policies and procedures.

Create Policies and Procedures
We work with your team to develop workflows and standard operating procedures that support your quality program and meet high principles for running your business. We train staff to ensure workflows are understood, implemented, and meeting the needs of your business.
Twining will offer developmental quality control manual assistance for the new QAP. Our experts have firsthand knowledge of the requirements of your unique products and are always available to lend assistance, or answer questions from new QAP members. We will also serve as a third-party inspection agency, as part of your program.

Data Analytics and Corrective Action Plans
Twining tracks results and trends when results are unsatisfactory and performance needs improvement. Our team generates invaluable data collected during QAP implementation to empower organization management to developing action plans and achieving results.
Our program incorporates testing, inspection, and certification services that are right for you to ensure outstanding QAP results.

Twining Programs

Twining Molder Program for EPS/XPS Manufacturers who want to become eligible to supply insulation to Exterior Insulation Finish Systems.
Twining Molder Program for non EIFS Applications
Twining Molder Program for Geofoam
Polyurethane Spray Foam Quality Program
Structural Piers, Pier Pads, and Foundations Quality Program
House Wrap Quality Program
Wall Cladding Quality Program
Roof Underlayment Quality Program
Uplift Straps for Manufactured Buildings Program
Gas Appliance Quality Programs

Association Partners

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA)
EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA)
Vinyl Manufacturers Association (VMA)
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES)
IAPMO / UES (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials / Uniform Evaluation Services)
DRJ Engineering (Structural Engineering and Design)
RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute (Steel Storage Rack Industry Membership)

Mobility Equipment Vehicles

We are proud of our long-term relationship with the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and the California Department of Rehabilitation (CA DOR). As a nationally recognized third-party inspection agency, we conduct dealership audits to verify NMEDA accredited locations are compliant with ADA and NMEDA QAP requirements. As a third party, we also maintain label reporting data for NMEDA dealer label reporting requirements.

Our knowledgeable and helpful auditors are NMEDA-certified technicians and have obtained certifications from adaptive equipment manufacturers.

Twining supports and benefits NMEDA and its members by sharing our professional expertise with NMEDA, promoting NMEDA to various state agencies, and participating in the annual NMEDA Conference to introduce our friendly auditors and audit processes to the dealer members.

Our experts are always available to answer any questions NMEDA members have about the auditing process. Our team is here to help, by creating a partnership and relationships in the auditing process, which makes for a more comfortable audit visit, and helps dealers evaluate their business processes and maintain compliance through a documented assessment.

Facility Inspection and Certification (Remote and/or On-Site)
Industry Certified Auditors
NMEDA QAP Auditing

Industry Organizations

Expert Interpretation of the Following Standards and Guidelines
NMEDA Guidelines and QAP Rules
CA DOR Specifications for Adaptive Driving Equipment (SADE)
SAE Standards

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