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Asphalt Testing and Inspection

Asphalt Laboratories

Twining’s asphalt testing laboratories house the most cutting-edge testing equipment and are staffed with experienced technicians certified by Caltrans under the independent assurance program. Our testing equipment enables us to perform design, quality assurance/quality control, and research testing services, and includes:

  • Hveem California kneading compactor and Cox and Sons fully automated axial testing systems
  • Marshall mix design and testing
  • Superpave gyratory testing equipment and design
  • Pavement profilograph
  • Moisture sensitivity
  • Rubber binder design profile testing
  • Field inspection

Our laboratories possess the capability to design and test pavement preservation materials, including bonded wearing courses, open grade asphalt concrete, chip seals, slurry seals, and cape seals. Twining is also capable of testing emulsion for specification compliance.

Our pavement testing laboratories provide accurate and quick turnaround for many of our most critical projects. When a project requires onsite testing, our fleet of mobile laboratories are available and may be custom designed for the project’s specific needs.

Our laboratory technicians are highly experienced with testing requirements of different pavement preservation materials. Twining laboratories consistently helps public works agencies and contractors to test materials such as:

• Slurry Seal
• Microsurfacing
• Chip Seal

The typical tests that we perform for such materials are:

• Wet Track Abrasion
• Asphalt content
• Emulsion content
• Aggregate gradation
• Sand Equivalent
• Consistency test (field test)

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