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Concrete Insight

Twining Concrete Insight provides material engineering, laboratory testing, building technology consulting, structures and pavements evaluation, forensic, petrographic, and analytical services. 

Our specialty is the concrete built environment.  For more than seventy years generations of Twining’s professionals have been contributing to its development in California, nationwide, and internationally.  Our pool of clients includes manufacturers and suppliers of cement, supplementary cementitious materials, aggregates, chemical admixtures, fiber reinforcement, preblended products, ready-mixed and precast concrete.  We service concrete contractors working in all segments of the built environment.  Twining works for private developers, government agencies, independent testing laboratories and consultants, insurance companies, law firms, and technology startups. 

We build long-term relationships with our clients which are based on trust and our commitment to provide them with accurate data and holistic engineering solutions contributing to successful delivery of projects. 

DRP is now Twining Concrete Insight.

In 2017, DRP joined Twining to further expand the services offered under our Concrete Insight division.

Development and Validation of Performance Engineered Concrete Mixtures

Our expertise encompasses a multitude of concrete mixtures for various applications that we engineer and qualify for the specified performance and constructability.  Twining laboratories are equipped for simulating the production, consolidation, and curing of cast-in-place and precast concrete. 

Specialized Laboratory Testing

We provide a comprehensive scope of specialized laboratory testing. Our laboratories can assist you in demonstrating compliance with ASTM, AASHTO re:source, EN, Caltrans, and other standards, as well as requirements of USACE, AREMA, and other governing authorities. Twining laboratories are audited by CCRL and AMRL, and accredited by AASHTO, IAS, USACE, Caltrans, the City of Los Angeles, and others. 

Petrographic and Analytical Services

Our petrographic group has grown from a nationally and internationally renowned company DRP, which Twining acquired in 2017.  We are specialized in optical and scanning electron microscopy, EDS, chemistry, and other analytical methods used for quality control and forensic studies of concrete, mortar, stucco, terrazzo, and other cementitious-based materials, as well as aggregates.  The petrographic laboratory is audited by CCRL and accredited by AASHTO re:source and USACE. 

Concrete Value Engineering

Twining has been used by agencies, private owners, and industry for developing and implementing novel materials and building technologies. 

We assist agencies and owners with performance-based construction specifications which are focused on constructability, quality, service life extension, sustainability, and control of costs.

Our concrete engineering group develops cracking mitigation plans, and mass concrete thermal control plans.  It performs service life modeling for marine and other reinforced concrete structures in aggressive environments causing steel corrosion.

Troubleshooting Concrete Production and Construction

We assist our clients with urgent troubleshooting of concrete production and construction practices for conditions and mechanisms causing defects, develop recommendations to prevent reoccurrence and validate the soundness of repairs.  Twining’s consultants possess extensive expertise in troubleshooting and have at their disposal comprehensive nondestructive and destructive testing support, as well as petrographic and other analytical methods. 

Condition Evaluations Services

Our services are provided for existing structures, buildings, and pavements.  We develop and confirm as-built documentation, perform surveys, observations, and evaluations for seismic upgrades, provide technical support for planned and emergency repairs and rehabilitation, and investigate material conditions and mechanisms affecting durability. Forensic structural engineers and architects often collaborate and venture with Twining. We use drone surveys and an array of nondestructive methods to obtain comprehensive information while minimizing destructive intervention, disturbance to tenants, and public inconvenience.

Forensic, Dispute Resolution, and Litigation Support Services

Twining provides a wide spectrum of forensic services which are focused on material and construction practice-related mechanisms affecting plain and reinforced concrete structures and pavements.  These include cracking, near-surface delaminations, salt crystallization erosion, alkali-silica reaction, sulfate and microbial corrosion, freezing-and-thawing deterioration, other concrete durability affecting mechanisms, corrosion of reinforcing steel, discoloration, and others.  We also provide forensic petrography for masonry mortars, stucco, and other cementitious-based materials.  Our team evaluates the impacts of construction specifications and practices on distress/cracking.  We provide dispute and litigation support consulting and expert services.

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