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Title 24, The Structure of the Code


Title 24 is the 24th title within the California Code of Regulations and deals with Building Standards. In total, there are 28 titles within the California Code of Regulations, Title 24 is entitled the “California Building Standards Code.” Title 24 applies to all occupancies, and types of construction. Within that code are the regulations for all aspects of construction, labeled as “parts.” Part 2 of that Code is the California Building Code (the other parts, of which there are 10, relate to such things as Mechanical, Plumbing, Energy, Fire, etc.). Within Part 2 are various Chapters, e.g. Chapter 17, Structural Tests and Inspections; Chapter 19, Concrete, etc. These are from Volume 2 of Part 2 of Title 24. For each of these chapters, there is a corresponding A chapter, e.g., chapter 17 is followed by Chapter 17A. The “A” chapters regulate/pertain to DSA, OSHPD and other “Essential Services” facilities such as police and fire stations. The non- “A” chapters relate to buildings permitted by other authorities, such as municipalities. Specifying “Title 24,” or even “Title 24, Part 2” does not necessarily imply DSA/OSHPD.

Title 24

Robert M. Ryan has been a member of the Twining team since 1978. Using his extensive background in all aspects of inspection, materials testing, and nondestructive testing, Mr. Ryan led Twining’s inspection personnel on some of Southern California’s most prominent projects. His expertise in steel construction, welding inspection, and nondestructive testing has made him a primary resource for the Southern California structural engineering community. In his role as President, Mr. Ryan exploits his knowledge of both the technical and the business aspects of Twining’s many endeavors to be responsible for all aspects of our Company’s operations and to direct the activities of its senior management and executives.

Robert M. Ryan explains what Title 24 really applies to.
Robert M. Ryan explains what Title 24 really applies to.

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