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We perform all of the following tests in-house, at our multi-certified laboratories throughout the state.

Cements and Supplementary Cementitious Materials

  • Physical testing and compositional analysis of Portland cement, rapid hardening cement, other hydraulic cements, fly ashes, natural and processed pozzolans, and ground granulated blast furnace slag per the scope of requirements of ASTM, AASHTO re:source and Caltrans standards
  • Evaluation of sulfate resistance of cements and cementitious blends
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of supplementary cementitious materials in reducing expansion due to alkali-silica reaction
  • Compatibility studies of cementitious materials with chemical admixtures
  • Evaluation of efficiency of supplementary cementitious materials in preventing formation of efflorescence (calcium carbonate type)

All Types of Pre-bagged, Mixed-in-place cementitious grouts, Mortars and Concrete

  • Evaluation of pre-bagged materials, including: cementitious mortars, grouts or concrete as per ASTM standard specifications
  • Evaluation and testing of pre-bagged repair materials including epoxy, polymer or polyester grouts as per ASTM standard specifications

Testing of Exterior Wall Coatings, Cladding’s, and Masonry Blocks

  • Testing of metal plaster glass fiber lath used in cementitious exterior wall coatings or Stucco plaster
  • Testing of masonry systems, CMU blocks, paving stones, bricks and physical testing of masonry
  • Testing of Polymer-based and Polymer-modified exterior and interior wall cladding and small scale flexural and bond tests

Testing of anchors, bolts, and fasteners

  • Testing of Steel Connectors, Propriety bolts in concrete for light framed construction
  • Testing of Headed deformed bars, handrails and guards, fiber cement siding, and anchors in unreinforced masonry elements
  • ASTM Standard Testing on Anchors and Fasteners
  • All static anchor testing