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LADPW, Lancaster Solar Energy Project

Lancaster, CA

As part of the As-Needed Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Testing and Inspection Services contract, The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works requested Twining to provide geotechnical recommendations for the construction of a 2MW solar farm on a County-owned vacant lot. The objective of this investigation was to collect subsurface information from field exploration, to perform engineering analyses, and to provide geotechnical recommendations for the construction of the solar farm.

Twining provided geotechnical investigation including

  • Review of background information
  • Coordination and Performance of Field Exploration
  • Onsite drilling
  • Field reconnaissance
  • Equipment preparation and sample drop-off
  • Laboratory testing
  • Engineering analyses
  • Review
  • Liquefaction, settlement, bearing capacity, etc.
  • Regional geology and seismic hazards

The final geotechnical report was suitable to obtain the necessary permits from the County of Los Angeles – Geotechnical and Materials Division


Los Angeles County, Department of Public Works

Services Provided

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Investigation

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