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Anatomy of a Geotechnical Report

On August 12, 2015, Twining hosted a seminar to design and engineering professionals to talk about the information contained in a geotechnical report and how to subtract it and turn it into design use.  Engineers from Cities, Counties and private companies attended this seminar.  The attendees had the opportunity to not only learn more about Geotechnical Report’s, but also exchange experiences and provide valuable opinions during the seminar.

A geotechnical report is an essential, yet valuable informative component for the design and construction projects.  The report  helps design professionals understand the capabilities of the land at the project site to achieve the optimum design and establish the baseline construction requirements.

A well written geotechnical report should provide you with:

  1. A well-defined scope of work
  2. Contain accurate geologic background information
  3. Appropriate geotechnical field exploration and laboratory testing
  4. Rigorous engineering analysis
  5. A Clear and concise recommendation.




For more information on Geotechnical Reports, you can view/download Twining’s Presentation.Twining – Anatomy of a Geotechnical Report

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